We know why we love hemp, but if you’re new to the movement, here’s a little background info to get you started.

Hemp products have taken the beverage, among other industries, by storm in recent years. Due to hemp’s recent (thank you 2018 Farm Bill) legalization, scientists and researchers have begun to dive into how hemp actually works with the human body. It’s a long road ahead, but here’s the gist of what we know so far. Cannabinoids are natural compounds found in the hemp plant. These compounds are similar in structure to the endocannabinoids our body naturally produces. The Endocannabinoid System, aka the ECS, was relatively recently discovered (much thanks to the scientists of the 90’s). The ECS is largely responsible for maintaining homeostasis in everything from our nervous system and immune system, to sleep cycles, appetite, stress response, and beyond. Thanks to their similarities, our plant twin compounds, the cannabinoids, have the ability to mimic endocannabinoid function and interact with our ECS in very beneficial ways. That said, each cannabinoid has unique effects on the body, catalyzing different responses, mostly due to where and how they interact with the ECS.Our friend the infamous CBD (cannabidiol), found in Sunday Seltzer, is believed to work with our ECS by blocking certain receptors in

the central and peripheral nervous system, leading to the assumed stress, pain, and anxiety relief effects many associate it with. CBD is also believed to eliminate the enzyme responsible for consuming and thus decreasing the body's own endocannabinoids, leaving more in circulation in the body to do all the epic homeostasis balancing work they were created for. Worth noting is another well-known cannabinoid THC aka tetrahydrocannabinol, and for the record not contained in Sunday Seltzer. THC binds directly to receptors in the ECS, particularly in the central nervous system. Subsequently affecting our appetite, memory, and motor skills, alongside creating feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and the “high” effect many associate it with. Though further study and clinical trials will be required to confirm the benefits of hemp to the human body. The number of people integrating hemp extract into their lifestyle is on the rise. Many with the intention of alleviating social anxiety, or simply to relax and ease daily stress. We believe in the benefits of hemp from our own experience. Though the best part of our hemp-infused seltzer may very well be what it doesn’t do… offering all the fun of a social tonic, without the hangover.


Not all hemp is created equally. At Sunday Seltzer, we source only the highest quality hemp extract to ensure you receive the full benefit of broad-spectrum hemp, without anything we wouldn’t drink ourselves. Only the good stuff.